Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Study in Color and Mood

I never had sisters growing up, so there are a lot of things that I simply don't (or rather, didn't) know about girls. Most of them are surprisingly fun. One of the really fun ones is seeing the different colors of nail polish that Hee Jeong uses to keep things interesting. Here are some examples:

Light pink is probably my favorite color since it is girly and playful. It is also rather subtle which makes it perfect for everyday wear.

Now, this brighter pink borders on magenta, and certainly stands out. I rather enjoy seeing it on her fingers than on her toes. While it is a fun color, it seems to be reserved for special occasions.

And then there was blue. I haven't seen this in a long time, but it was commonplace when we first started dating. It might have something to do with the fact that it doesn't match some of her newer shoes, but what do I know?

There have been a couple of other colors (yellow and black) but I don't have pictures of those. I'm hoping that will change come Halloween.

Oh, and I don't have a thing for feet, I like the colors. If it were on her fingers, I would be using those pictures instead.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Engagement Ring

These pictures were previously posted on her Cyworld page as well as on my Myspace page. However, I'm putting them up again for those of you who haven't seen them yet.

I had a really hard time trying to catch the sparkle of this ring. As my Dad so eloquently put it, "that thing has some fire to it." But you can't see it here.

If there was anything that disappointed me about this ring it was the size of the setting. It seems to stick out just a little too much.

Do you know what I like best about this picture? That's right: the nail polish. So cute! It matches Hee Jeong's personality perfectly: playful yet elegant.

This is probably the best shot of the ring itself. It actually looks to be a decent size in this picture.

To be honest, the ring is a pretty good match for the anniversary / Valentines gift I gave her. It also matches the Earrings I gave her for Christmas, but I don't have pictures of those.

This is Cool

Hee Jeong is so sweet that even her bruises look like hearts. Can you see it?


Before, when we had time on the weekends (see previous post as to the reason that we don't anymore) Hee Jeong and I tended to engage in various activities. While many may seem rather commonplace to most people, for us they were a great source of amusement and a chance to spend time together and strengthen our minds as well.

It is no secret that we are fond of playing chess when we have time.

But back in the day, we were also big fans of billiards. There are three things you need to know:
1) I can't believe I said "back in the day." We've been together for a year and a half, but it feels strange to say that.
2) Hee Jeong is an incredible billiards player. She beats me 4 out of 5 times.
3) I love that skirt (on her).

Three other things you should know:
1) I don't know how to hold a cue stick.
2) I actually do better without glasses. So why am I wearing them?
3) I have no idea what caused those lens flares. Ghosts?

I have a thing for Legos. A bit childish, but Hee Jeong makes me feel a lot younger than I am. And it's an X-Wing that I'm building, so that's pretty cool.


Hottie with glasses. -->

We also did puzzles for a while. We originally timed ourselves, but I can't remember how long it took us to complete these. I think that they are 300 pieces, 500 pieces, and 250 pieces, respectively.

Fun fact: Hee Jeong did most of the work on this. -->

This is actually the first puzzle that we did together. -->

Finally, we have tried various other types of games as well. We play Othello (the board version of Reversi), though not as often because she beats me at that more than she did at billiards, dominos, poker (one or two times), and New Super Mario Bros. (though mostly only world 1-3. She likes Yoshi). That's right. My fiance plays video games. Awww yeah.

Monday, August 23, 2010

What We've Been Up to...

First of all, let me say that Hee Jeong is just wonderful. Seriously. At the risk of embarrassing her, she is truly a great woman who proves time and time again how patient and loving she is despite difficulty and adversity in both her life and in our combined lives. Here is the long and short of it.

Recently my father has been less than healthy, so it has fallen to me to do what I can to help him. In other words, I have begun to take over some of his weekend work which involves taking pictures of buildings which are later published in either a paper brochure or online. I'm not entirely sure how this works, but I don't really ask a lot of questions either. The work can be extremely tedious and not without frustration, as I have discovered. I have a whole new level of respect for my Dad and the work that he does and the speed with which he is able to do it (for the record, I am considerably slower than he is when it comes to getting around).

So, what does this have to do with my wonderful fiance?

Put simply, she not only volunteered to help me, but became nearly indispensable on travels. She serves as navigator and morale officer, keeping my spirits up when I would just as soon turn around and go home.

I won't lie. There have been several times in which I lost my temper and became very upset, not with her, but with the frustration of the job, and I took that out on her. This is very troubling to me since she openly volunteered to assist me when most people would have just said "good luck with that," and send me on my way.

The worst part of shooting photos (aside from having to travel to some unsavory places in the Los Angeles area) is the fact that we aren't able to spend out time together in a quality sense. Despite the fact that we are together, we aren't able to do anything enjoyable. Since she works during the week, the added work on the weekends leaves her completely drained, and I certainly feel bad when I complain to her about it. Whereas before we were able to go out to malls or see movies or simply stay in and do puzzles, we now sit in a car for the better part of the day hoping that we are able to snap off a couple of quick photos and move onto the next stop.

We were able to finish earlier than usual a couple of weeks back, and we spent that time exploring the outlets in Camarillo. Not a bad experience, but we were both rather disappointed with the prices, which we had thought would be lower, and that some of our favorite stores were missing.

Recently, the highlight of our weekend has been kicking back after a long day with a couple of Coronas (complete with limes!) and watching movies on her laptop.

Last weekend, however, all of this extra work, coupled with her already stressful life, finally caught up to her, and Hee Jeong was sidelined for the weekend. I certainly don't begrudge her the time off. Rather, I was quite happy that she was able to take the time to rest. To be honest, I feel a bit guilty taking her time every weekend. I don't know how I will ever be able to repay her selflessness and willingness to help both me and my family through this troubled time.

Isn't she cute?

I know that I don't say it nearly often often enough but, 감사하다, 우리 희정이. 참 사랑하다. And I wish I was studying Korean harder so that I could say something more romantic.